About Us

I began Classic Watch Trader for a number of reasons. Ever since I was given my first watch I have been fascinated by watches. I would save my paper round money so I could buy the latest Swatch Watch. During art classes at school all I wanted to do was draw watches. Over the years I have had some great watches pass through my hands and with the growing number of 'watch traders' in the market place I thought why not trade the watches I know and love instead of leaving it to other people.  What is different about Classic Watch Trader - well we don't buy wholesale, we are genuinely trying to curate a collection of the watches we love because we know you will love them.  We love the unusual, a watch with a story, be it a Bulova Moon Watch, a Grand Seiko, even a design classic like a Braun.  We are happy to trade the big names but we crave the querky.