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Glycine Combat Sub Sport 42 GMT GL0320

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Entirely hand finished and Made in Switzerland, the watch is satin brushed throughout to a very high standard, again synonymous with Glycine. Bronze patinates naturally as it oxidises neatly throughout, so that each watch will take on a unique finish over time. First for the CombatSUB to clad a GMT bezel, The 48 clicks bidirectional rotating bezel clicks positively in place with little play for added confidence. The bezel featured a beautiful two-tone black and grey hues, with 24 hours makers labelled around. The CombatSUB is water resistant to a modest 200m.

The Combat comes with a sapphire crystal with three layers of antireflective coating on the underside for added clarity under different lighting conditions. Now, it adds on a functional magnefying cyclop to enhance the visibility of the date display underneath.

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